The Twitter Experiment: First Stages

In my last post, The Twitter Experiment: Can I Increase My Following on Twitter and Sell More Books Than I’ve Imagined, I shared about three books I’d put together to come up with a promotion method that would a) find my audience for my books and b) draw thousands of them to myself via Twitter.

What I didn’t share was the method. As I’ve said before, I’ve done a lot of work on this and all of you are free to buy these books (listed below) and see the method(s) yourself, but here is the method overview:

  • Register at and open an account
  • Go to Twitter and select a person who writes or reads what you are writing–your target audience. (You surmise this from their Twitter bio.)
  • Go to and click on “Follow Teeps,” then “User’s Followers.”
  • Put their @name in the window and click “Start Following.” Don’t worry, you won’t automatically follow them, it will just take you to the follower list.
  • There is a “follow” button beside each name. Decide which follower you want to follow and click accordingly.
  • After you have an increase in followers, you relate with, nurture, and grow your audience. (Particulars are found in John Locke’s book, but you don’t have to buy it. I talk about this in another post.)

Because Twitter allows you to follow up to 1,000 a day, the numbers can add up fast. The goal is not to follow a lot of people, but to get them to reciprocate and follow you!

If you get the Platinum version of Tweepi, you can see each person’s bio and can decide from that who to follow.  But that’s time consuming. Right now, I plan to follow the females because I write for women.

There is a free version of Tweepi, and I suggest you start with that until you figure out what you need. The paid-for versions have their perks, like forcing someone to unfollow you when they have an abandoned account, but start out with the free and then decide what you really need.

The Platinum version allows you to search the list according to your specifications. I put in “new adult,” “SciFi” and “Mystery.” I also did another search for “Christian.”

Again, for details to this method I recommend reading the books I suggested in my previous post.

What I’ve done so far…

What I’ve done so far is make lists of people I either want to follow, want to glean from their followers list, or both. Soon I will input these people’s names into Tweepi and will start following up to 1,000 a day.

Perusing Twitter for possible good matches (your target audience) is a good start. I’ll let you know what happens when I start adding these people as followers!

Stay tuned for more, and remember that these books have more details than what I’m giving you here, so it will help you to read them!

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The Twitter Experiment 1;  The Twitter Experiment 3;  The Twitter Experiment 4


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